Enterprise Game runners up

The Derby High School hosted the Enterprise Game Challenge. The game has been successfully run for ten years now. Four other schools took up the challenge: St Gabriel’s RC High School, Bury Church Of England High School, Hazelwood Academy and The Elton High School.

The hard-fought battle between the schools involved four students from each school working as a team to run a manufacturing business. This involved buying new assets such as reps’ cars, machines, trucks or distribution centres, paying the operating costs of the business, making stocks via a machine,  then selling and delivering the products to customers, whilst having to deal with the day to day happenings that affect the business.

The pace was frantic and Team Derby amassed huge sums of money, maximising their profits. Despite coming close to victory, they ended as runners up to The Elton High School.

The four hour session had taught them valuable lessons about business and manufacturing.