Awards Evening Class of 2019

Awards evening for the class of 2019 was superb. Our special guests were Gill Neville, who for so long has been at the heart of Bury Football Club and Councillor Tamoor Tariq, who did the keynote speech on the evening. He recounted his time at the Derby High School. Mr Tariq also spoke of the importance of students being given the opportunity to achieve their very best regardless of their socio-economic background. He reiterated that it is critical to have hopes and a desire to succeed for the right reasons, not just for material gain. Both Mr Tariq and Mrs Neville are Derby Alumni.

Headteacher Ms Hubert spoke of all the opportunities that the class of 2019 had participated in. Their achievements were outlined by Ms Hubert:

“Most importantly though is the progress students have made whilst at the school and for the third consecutive year progress results at The Derby High School were the best in Bury and significantly higher than any other school in the Local Authority”.

Using the quote: “Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package.” Ms Hubert said:

“I am sure we would all agree that talent alone is not enough for success. Unless it is used and combined with commitment and determination the talent is wasted. Today we are recognising those students who have embraced their gifts, worked hard, persevered and succeeded.”

It was also the last time that our Chair of Governors would be at such an event on behalf of the school.

“We are well led at The Derby High School by an extremely dedicated and experienced team of governors. Chair of our Governing Body is Colonel Eric Davidson, MBE, who has been a governor here for just over eight years and in overall charge since 2016. He retires from this role at the end of the term and I would like to thank him for his time, energy, wisdom and friendship”

The event was action packed with a performance by the Derby Dancers and the newly formed Inspire Choir singing “A Million Dreams”. The Head of Year 11 Ms Murphy also did a speech recalling their successes as a year group.

Students were awarded prizes for all subjects for both achievement and progress, students with one hundred percent attendance got awards, likewise those with the top 10 progress scores.

The evening culminated in the Special Prizes followed by the closing address by Col Davidson, MBE, DL.

The Special Prizes were for Sports Personality, Science (Fascinate Award), Community Involvement (Radcliffe Rotary Award), The Arts (Creative Scholar), 7Rs Role Model, Resilience, Overall Progress and Academic Achievement.

It was an evening to celebrate and it was fitting that we had a high number of different prize-winners to reflect the breadth of talent within the year group.