University familiarisation

Our Year 8 Gateways cohort, on a trip to University of Manchester, experienced what university was like in the form of several exciting workshops, in a fast-paced day that left them considerably richer in knowledge concerning university courses. The discussions of university life with Ambassadors was also extremely informative in this session as well, in the ‘Student fact finder’ session.

The students recapped on what they had learned last time when they visited in Year 7, they then were asked “Why go to University?”. In order for them to understand the range of courses on offer they completed the alphabet challenge looking at courses covered by every letter of the alphabet.

The three workshops covered three faculties: Humanities (Marketing), Biology, Medicine and Health (language and brain composition) and STEM (animal classification). These were designed to be an engaging activity involving working with others. Delivered by university staff these sessions also showed the students the transferable skills that are developed at university.

This event ensured that the students left keen to return in the next academic year to add to their log books a wealth of knowledge regarding university.

See below our Year 8 cohort.