Flash Bang Show delights

“The Christmas Flash Bang Show” was amazing. The Royal Society’s Christmas Demonstration Lectures are always fantastic and a packed audience at Bolton School, watched spellbound, as Dr Jim Street of Kings School, Macclesfield and his team of experts performed some superb experiments. The sights and sounds inspired the students to understand the joy of doing chemistry and led them to become more inquisitive.

The lecture is held in honour of the late Ernest Worthington who popularised chemistry through events such as this. The Derby were fortunate to be able to take two groups of Year 7 students in the morning and afternoon. For many students this was the first time they had experienced anything like this. It is amazing that our students are able to attend these events.  The Royal Society’s Christmas Demonstration Lecture is a brilliant way to approach the end of term.

See below some of the sights witnessed by our students.