Humanism explained

Humanism explained:

Our Year 11 RE classes were delighted to welcome David and Parveen from Humanists UK.

David Milne explained that Humanism is a secular non-religious belief system. He said it was made up of convinced atheists and skeptical agnostics who believe that you should, ‘think for yourself’.

They said that morality was part of human nature and we don’t need religion to be moral. We consider others because we are social beings and life is happier and fuller if we cooperate with each other.

He spoke of following the golden rule ‘treat others as you want to be treated’, use your intelligence, think scientifically, act with compassion and look to promote happiness. That was a good summary of what humanism is about.

He explained how humanist believe it is important to have rights of passage but these are done without reference to God. The students asked some good questions. Their understanding was greatly enhanced by this visit.