Inspiring book event

Lisa Williamson inspires-

A select group of our Key Stage Three students were fortunate to be able to visit Bolton School for the Lisa Williamson book event. Lisa Williamson was a performing arts graduate who wrote her first published book ‘The Art of Being Normal’ from the point of view of a transgender teenager. She shared her inspiration for this and her other two hugely popular books ‘All About Mia’ which focuses on being a middle child and ‘Paper Avalanche’ which looks at a compulsive hoarder, also giving a sneak preview of new book ‘First Day of My Life’.

Lisa Williamson was inspiring in her energetic, positive delivery and was hugely engaging. The students were able to ask a variety of questions which drew some insightful answers. Lisa Williamson was available for book signing afterwards. Our students were delighted to the in the presence of someone whose enthusiasm shone through. This event cannot fail to fire up their creativity also.