Lego challenge

Lego Challenge-

Our enthusiastic year 9 students, who are part of the weekly Lego Club, performed superbly, in the Lego ‘City Shaper’ challenge hosted by the University of Manchester.

The challenge is to design and program a robotic form of transport to navigate and complete tasks in an ecologically friendly city.

Clutching their carefully designed robot they faced the judges in a series of presentations and question and answer sessions. Firstly, they had to explain the robot’s design and features, then on to apply their knowledge of green technology, performing and explaining a powerful tableau. The other key task was to explain via a presentation what they had focused on in their city such as: Why were they prioritizing different aspects over others? What were the motivating factors?

The theme of the challenge is to learn whilst having fun. In the afternoon session they put their robots to the test, competing against other teams, aiming to score points for completing specific tasks.

Although the students did not make it to the next round, The Derby students did win a prize for the way that they had speedily conducted the coding of the robot, which led to an excellent performance, as it navigated the city.

It was a day of hard work but the students learned a lot. The Lego club on Monday evenings will continue to thrive, with the emphasis on having a lot of FUN.