Sharp Project amazes

Our Year 8 students entered the exciting world of the Sharp Project to discover what amazing career opportunities await them in the digital industries that have expanded massively in Manchester.

The Sharp Project is a flexible hosting flexible office, production and event space.

The students first heard from Sharp Futures about the range of people who had started as Apprentices in the business. The presenter was the Social Media and Discover Executive and he spoke of his passion for his job. He also explained the role of the other employees such as the runner and booking agent all of whom had started as apprentices.

Pie Analysis then presented on digital marketing explaining how we need to be trained to be ready for the digital age. He spoke of targeted marketing using cookies and the vast sums of money that Instagram influencers can earn. The students viewed the exciting projects that had been worked on.

G6 Moco-Visual Engineering provided a superb demonstration of their magnificent camera robotic arm and how it had been involved making some fantastic videos. Rammy Anwar shared with us his inspirational story.

From the layout of the building to the exciting, dynamic careers the students were awestruck!

A fabulous experience!