Bringing learning to life

 We took a group of students from Book Club to Sea Life Manchester to show them an aquarium and to give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that could inspire them to read and write.

Students wrote down their thoughts and feelings and any words that came to them as they wandered through the zones. They also took photographs and short films on their phones so they could contribute to book trailers of Malamander and Clownfish.

As part of Book Club, Years 7 and 8 are reading the six books on the shortlist of the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award. Two of these books have an aquatic theme – one being set in an aquarium that is under threat of closure.

All students were rewarded with a small model of a sea creature and a raffle took place in the Library to reward another student for their contributions to the task. 

Some examples of students’ musings –

‘Calm around you because of the turtles swimming’ 

‘Magical – it inspires me to look into sea life more and protect them from plastic’ 

‘Colourful, pretty, relaxing’ 

‘Clownfish make me happy and calm because they swim gracefully’ 

This was a superb trip that really brought learning to life.