Exploring University

Our Year 10 students braved a wind and rain swept Manchester as they explored Manchester Metropolitan University. The campus tour gave them an understanding of where to study, the type of accommodation they might live in in their first year, what societies they might join and the help and support available from the student’s union, as well as seeing state of the art buildings in which they would study.

The other sessions focused on ‘HE uncovered’ involving discussion with current students. One session was an interactive session focusing on the different pathways of FE and what the differing types of HE study.

After experiencing the university canteen, at lunchtime, the afternoon session challenged the students to create and promote their own society/club, which would be open to university students to join. They had to market it via an effective campaign that contained events, with each student taking on a different role in the society.

For many students this was the first time they had visited a university and this gave all students a comprehensive understanding of university life.