The drive for success

Former student Multazim Zia returned to The Derby High School to deliver a session, in R Time, on business ideas and smart thinking. The audience of Business students enjoyed getting involved in the session that focused on what type of business students would set up, what name and logo would they choose  and what was their target audience? Multazim crucially asked the students about their reasons for going into business in the first place. Is it just about making the most money as possible or are their other things we should consider?

Multazim shared his own experiences of his business Multi Vibes which is a clothing venture. A University student of Physiotherapy Multazim focuses on making his business a success by investing hard work and many hours to ensure he is able to sell to multiple countries, as well as locally.

The students responded well to his mix of group work and PowerPoint presentation. It is always a pleasure to have students returning and sharing their successes with our current students.