Unveiling Islam

Year 10 GCSE RE students were inspired by Yasma Osman, a speaker from the Unveiling Islam initiative, which is part of the Myriad Foundation. She gave a students a fabulous insight into the five pillars of Islam, which form the foundations of Muslim belief

The Myriad Foundation’s aims are to deliver lessons, assemblies, workshops and presentations on Islamic topics to schools, public/private sector institutions, organisations and enterprises.

The Unveiling Islam project aims to tackle a variety of important topics about Islam, delivered by engaging presenters, based on exam board curriculum and designed to mirror the learning outcomes of school syllabuses.

The aims of the workshops/lessons are twofold:

  • To promote positive academic progress and personal development of students.
  • To help foster an understanding of the faith and its adherents whilst also dispelling common myths.

This was an excellent opportunity!