Wild World Showcase

The Derby High supported by ‘Friends of The Derby’ welcomed ‘Crocodile Joe’ to perform his Wild World showcase for a range of excited classes. He shared with students some of his adventures and brought in some amazing animals.

Beginning with Tilly the Tarantula, who incidentally also appeared on Blue Peter, he carefully explained each animal, detailing its anatomy and moving on to describe its behavior and why these animals are so precious.

The animals are rescued animals and throughout the show Joe explained the importance of ‘respect for life’. We should respect biodiversity and protect it. The students were shown the Tarantula, handled by Joe but they did get to stroke the Blue Tongued Skink, and handle the Burmese Python.

The European Legless Lizard illustrated some of the differences between snakes and lizards and it was the intricacy in which Joe described each animal that resonated with the students. This was not simply just a visually stunning show. The young Royal Python was also a big hit but undoubtedly it was the crescendo of the revealing of the Burmese Python that really got the students Whooping with delight.

This was great day for these students, whose knowledge was vastly expanded and it was a fabulous message that the students left with: ‘Respect all life’