Inspirational Virtual Talk

Mona Patel, who is Group Head of External Communications at Royal London, delivered an inspiration virtual talk to a class of Year 10 English students. These talks were the idea of Robert Peston and they give schools a fabulous insight into the careers of inspirational people.

Ms Patel made it clear that students should be empowered to follow a career that you feel passionate about. Her career pathway had led her to train to teach, be a human rights lawyer and campaigner for what she believed in and on to her current role at Royal London, which involves working with the media and ensuring they promote the work of Royal London fairly and accurately.

Looking at Labour Market Information she stressed that in 2030 85% of jobs will be those that don’t exist now. It is important to show creativity, imagination, be data literate and take advantage of technology. Transferable skills are at a premium.

Her motivation comes for her parents who worked extremely hard. It is really important to believe in Education. Human rights campaigners have been her role models. She stressed you will face barriers but you have to your own public relations person! Sometimes it is hard to ‘get your foot in the door’ but make sure you outline what sets you apart. At 15 years old she said that it is really important to research different career paths so that you are fully informed.

Ms Patel said that it is important to feel you are making a difference in what you do. Ask basic questions. Be aware of your interests and skills. Find out what others do in their careers, volunteer and get experience, be fully informed.

The students asked some excellent questions. Mona Patel concluded by saying that she would like to be remembered as someone who did some good, for her achievements and her sense of being fair.

I am convinced that out students will remember this talk and apply its valuable lessons.

See below: The students watched and engaged superbly as Ms Patel delivered her talk