Children in Need Arr Time

Mr Malone and the entire maths department put on special lessons for Years’ 7-9 on Thursday and Friday to celebrate Children in Need.

The lessons began by introducing Children in Need, explaining what it raises funds for and sharing a story from the Children in Need website, illustrating why the charity’s work is so vital. Students were then introduced to The Pirate Game. Each student created their own pirate map with key grid components and instructions on it. The teachers then proceeded to ask questions based on maths problems.

The lessons were headed ‘Add it up’ (understand the charity) and the idea of using maths lessons to promote Children in Need was the idea of our ETHOS Charity group.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the charity but also to see the power of maths in action, uniting and empowering our students, all delivered in the spirit of fun with a competitive edge. The real winners were all the students who enjoyed the lessons immensely.

See below as Mr Malone ‘captains’ his crew: