Since 9/11 Student Summit

The ‘Since 9/11 Virtual Student Summit’ was a very poignant and powerful event that our Year 11 students participated in. ITN footage from the 9/11 attacks and subsequent terror attacks were shown. Students were left in no doubt about the devastating consequences of these attacks as key note speakers illuminated the issues that these had raised and the damage that extremist ideologies have. The extremists with their own political ideologies have sought to divide humanity.

The message of the summit was one of hope though, we have a shared humanity and that when we are exposed to our differences we can seek to understand each other better. Extremists seek to divide us.

This conference was aired on International Human Rights Day to highlight that these rights and principles are important today as they ever were. Students polls were taken in the session. There was an overwhelming percentage of students saying that it is vital that these issues are discussed in school and the encouraging statistic was, that this is happening in most schools across the country.

Sir Simon Schama spoke of the terrorist attacks being an attack on the dignity of difference. We need to share the neighbourhood. We simply cannot afford to be intolerant.

All our students acknowledged how important this message is.