University student conference inspires

University of Manchester Gateways Year 11 Student Life Virtual Conference

Our Year 11 Gateways cohort enjoyed their last university session at the ‘Student Life Virtual Conference’. This was an excellent way to consolidate all their learning after visiting the University each year since Year 7. Seeing them grow in understanding and desire to aim for university has been fantastic.

In this conference they began focusing on their aspirations. A student ambassador informed them of the enriching experience of teaching and learning. In terms of where they will study the library was shown as an excellent learning resource. To give them direction the Careers Service presentation assured them of its package of support.

Students were given a clear guide to accommodation in all its forms. The all-important student union was demystified and students were keen to learn the range of functions it provides, not least the vast array of societies that contribute to students’ well-being.

The conference outlined the great sport and leisure activities that are on offer. Student finance was outlined in simple terms, ensuring that myths about the cost of university were debunked.

The University of Manchester is totally committed to widening participation and promoting equality and these aspects were explicit in the conference.

The Gateways programme has moved online but our students in this Year 11 session learned in an effective and comprehensive way. Our students in Year 8 and 10 have enjoyed similar success on the programme. We look forward to the Year 7 and Year 9 sessions.

See below some of our Year 11 Gateways students enjoying further exploration