Momentous Book Club

The Student Book Club met for the second time over Microsoft Teams and it was a momentous occasion. None other than Peter Bunzl himself, author of the Cogheart book they had been reading, made a special guest appearance. Mr Bunzl gave the group some fascinating insights into his inspiration for the book after reading about the history and development of robots he used ideas to set the story in the Victorian area featuring mechanicals and mechanimals. He gave helpful tips on how to get over writer’s block, the development of his writing and answered a myriad of questions.

The book contained some complex themes about the non-human characters in the book and how they are treated with warmth and kindness by the books heroes Lily and Robert, not just soulless machines. The book was packed with action and adventure.

The students thoroughly enjoyed Cogheart and demonstrated this in a fun quiz at the start of the session. Mrs Forkin who set up the book club has made this group a vibrant, exciting and a joy to be part of.

It was an amazing opportunity for our students who were brimming with confidence to ask questions and interact with the author. This type of encounter helps develop our student’s leadership and literary abilities. Student comments such as: “That was incredible” and “I loved it!” summed up the experience.

Thanks to Mr Bunzl for the generous gift of his time!