Teams Stars and more..

It was fantastic to celebrate the achievements of our students’ amazing work this term. We have a robust rewards system but, as we adapted to the changing situation this term, the idea of ‘Teams Stars’ was born to reflect the work our students had done via remote learning.

The top ten in each year group were rewarded with ‘Teams Stars’ badges and certificates. These were the students who had shown superb resilience and produced great work on Microsoft Teams. The students were picked by our Heads of Year who were eager to reward our students.

The event was livestreamed and featured valuable information on the rewards and what had been achieved during this term and the exciting things that are planned for the future.

The ‘Star of the Term’ awards recognised the consistent high levels of effort as students who had won ‘Star of the Week’ multiple times got their ‘Star of the Term’ badges.

Dance and music were also included in the action-packed showcase. The crescendo to the evening was the ‘Overall Teams Stars’ from each year group, the best of the best.

Students received their certificates and badges in person the following day. This was a unique event that ensured students were recognised for their huge efforts this term.

See below some of our ‘Star of the Term’ winners and the ‘Overall Teams Stars’