Rising to the challenge

Students from year 9 seized the opportunity to go to Challenge 4 Change in Manchester. The centre contains a 35 feet high Aerial Trek, which incorporates Jacob’s Ladder, Climbing Wall, Traversing Beam and much more.

The students began their day learning to communicate effectively as a team as they performed an ice breaker linked to a rope. The first timed challenge involved building a tyre tower, which they did successfully.

Their fast-paced efforts to move the crash mat, via diving on it and pushing it along, involved strategy and athleticism. They recovered their breath to do tasks that involved careful planning, helping each other through net and tyre obstacles following careful rules and instructions.

After lunch was all about heights as they put harnesses on an tackled the 13 stations of the Ariel Challenge. This tested their courage, teamwork and gave them a desire to encourage each other. The day ended with the Leap of Faith, where students leapt from a platform to grab the trapeze bar. They were then carefully lowered to the ground having completed a highly successful day.

Two Police Officers accompanied the group and gave the students encouragement and valuable insights into policing. The instructors this a hugely enjoyable experience and one which our students were fortunate to partake in.

All students had grown in confidence and can be proud of their achievements. See below some of the highlights.