Armistice Day reflections


We marked Armistice Day with the whole school falling silent to remember the fallen soldiers and reflect on the impact of war. In the STEAM Garden, the Last Post was played and our Headteacher, Luke P, represented the cadets, and other student leaders were present. Afterwards, Mrs Hubert laid a wreath at the front of school.

It was a chance to reflect on all the poignant stories and messages given in our series of Assemblies the previous week that out lined the fact that in the First World War nearly 10 million soldiers from all sides died. That was the equivalent of 300 people dying every minute for four years. The war to end all wars was not so and in World War two 400, 000 British soldiers died. On Remembrance Day and Armistice Day we remember those who lost their lives and we wear poppies, the first flower to grow on the World War on battlefields.

It is vital we remember those who have lost their lives in wars and conflicts and always show respect.