From Bury to the Bard’s House!

How better to celebrate the longest day of the year than to fill it with Shakespeare! 

Accompanied by the English Department, 71 students travelled down to Stratford-upon-Avon to follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps. Students explored Shakespeare’s birthplace and paid their respects at his grave, too, before relaxing in the gardens of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Add in a scenic boat ride along the River Avon and plenty of ice creams, and you’ve got the perfect summer’s day! 


Students were praised for their respectful attitudes and excellent behavior around Stratford, and it was a pleasure to share this experience with them. 


Students in school had a taste of the Tudor experience too. From looking at ways the Tudors dealt with the outbreak of a serious illness to exploring life for the ordinary Tudor villager to rewriting Shakespeare’s Richard III, Year 7 have had a wonderful opportunity to develop their understanding of Shakespearean life which will benefit them for years to come!