3D Printing and Laser Cutting Workshop

Enrichment Units

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Staff Member K Ahmed & L Karov
Time and Day
  •  Wednesday
  • 3pm – 4pm
Aims of the course
  • Experience the use of modern technology

  • Learn to design and print in 3D and Laser cut designs

  • Give hands on practical skills in modern manufacturing processes used in industry

Skills you will learn
  • How to nest and tesselate shapes to prevent waste during design and manufacturing
  • How to operate the latest Ultimaker 3D printers and HPC laser cutter machine
  • How to use Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing software
  • Develop skills in drawing and constructing in 2D Design Techsoft. Google Sketchup and Laser cut software.
What you will need
  • An open mind, learning by making mistakes along the way is celebrated
  • Interest in discovering the world of modern technology in manufacturing
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