Here is where we celebrate the students that continue their learning outside of school hours, whether it be work in the community, sport or volunteer work.

Mia Clarke

Archaeology – she is a member of the young archaeologists club and has been for around 4/5 years now. Her club runs every month and they take part in digs and archaeological trips whenever they can.

Dancing – she does ballet and tap and attends lessons every week. She has been dancing for 9 years.

Gymnastics – she has been doing gymnastics for around 7 years and won 3 bronze medals in her first gym competition a few years ago. She attends gym 3 hours each week.
This year she was asked if she’d like to begin working alongside the gymnastics coaches – which she does on a Monday evening and n a Saturday morning.

Kamari Morar

Kamari has been attending the junior lifeguard club since he was 10. He achieved his junior medic 1, communications 1 and his Seal 1, 2 and 3 awards before lockdown last year. Some of the things he has had to demonstrate are CPR, the recovery position, general first aid, know how to make an emergency call including the phonetic alphabet, rescue both conscious and unconscious casualties, perform throw rescues with a buoyant aid or rope and rescue a casualty from the pool floor.

“I’ve been thoroughly involved in aiding my community since the age of 10, I first began to participate in local litter picking events with a Radcliffe Community and as I grew older my ambitions grew. I began to attend Bury Youth Cabinet meetings at the age of 12 to further develop my debating skills as well as being able to put forth ideas for the area of Bury and help organise events such as “Circles of Influence”. 4 years on and I’m now one of the longest-standing members of Bury Youth Cabinet.

During that time I was able to begin work to set up Radcliffe’s very first youth club since 2015, performing a speech within Radcliffe to secure £2000 in funding for the Youth Club. Post lockdown, the Youth Club was successfully set up in collaboration with Bury Youth Service and works to open up a second youth club have already begun and £500 in Cllr funding has already been secured.

I also have begun to volunteer at the Trinity Baptist Foodbank, ensuring less fortunate members of our community are able to have a meal. Furthermore, I produced a set of photos that highlighted the need for more Foodbanks across the country, these photos were able to represent and show the hard work of each volunteer.

I received recognition for my work pre-lockdown and was nominated to attend a lunch with the Chief Constable of the GMP as well as being nominated for Six Town Housing’s “Community Heroes Awards” as a “Young Superstar”.

I look now to not just further my own development but the development of the area around me.

– Barkley Butterworth

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She also attends and works at Fun Time Activities. Cick here to see more

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