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After a success at the Y7 Summer School I would like to introduce cheerleading as an enrichment activity after school for all years. This gives the opportunity for Derby High students to meet others, get active, be part of a team and cheer on our sporting teams at home games/matches. Open to everyone who wants to take part in learning choreographed routines, chants, stunts, jumps and skills, building their confidence and performing with the rest of the cheer team to support other Derby athletes.

Staff Member E. Kilgariff
Time and Day
  • TBC
Aims of the course
  • ·  
    Provide a cheerleading team to support our
    sporting teams

    Encourage the students to get active

    Create a sense of community and promote the
    importance of teamwork

    Provide a safe space where students can have fun
    after school 

Skills you will learn
  • Teamwork – the most important skill in cheerleading as it
    is a team sport, this allows a space to meet others, break barriers and
    encourage social skills.



  •             Communication skills – listening and
    communicating within the team is crucial for safety, team moral and personal


  •        Following choreography – there will be a routine filled with stunts, jumps, dance and chants that you will learn in the sessions but may want to practice at home for individual improvement.

    ·       Stunts – within a stunt group there will be x2 bases, a back, a flyer and a front (numbers permitting). Each role is very important, your stunt group is your team within the team who you will work closely with for the year. This will be a mix of different ages/year groups, genders and backgrounds.


    ·       Physical endurance -promoting a 60 minute active session to get students moving. Highlighting cardio, strength training, flexibility and dance if students feel comfortable.

  • ·       Co-ordination – following a sequence of motions with great timing and rhythm focusing on full control over your body and performing as a team.

    ·       Positive mood – Releasing happy hormones! Exercising releases endorphins which will naturally boost your mood. Cheer is a very positive sport with upbeat music, chants and performing with a smile will definitely leave you in a good mood.

    ·       Sportsmanship – cheering on other athletes at matches or sports day will be a great esteem builder for them and generate a good atmosphere in the crowd.

    Confidence – meeting and working with other students, performing Infront of others, trying something new in a positive and welcoming space. 

What you will need
  • Commitment
  • Resilience
  • Good listening skills
  • Good attendance at sessions
  • Enthusiasm
  • Team spirit
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