Dance- Bollywood

Enrichment Units

What is Bollywood dance? It’s the fusion of different dance styles including bhangra dance, Arabic, and traditional Asian dance. Come along and try out a new dance style. All KS3 students are welcome to join! If you have any music suggestions for this dance class please email them to Miss Hall.  

Staff Member Miss Hall
Time and Day
  •  KS3 Tuesday Lunch Time. Inspire Dance Studio
Aims of the course
  •  To learn new dance routines in a new dance style
  • To work as a dance company and make new friends
  • To develop confidence and stage presence
  • To contribute your own dance ideas
Skills you will learn
  • Learning new style of movement, physical skills, expressive skills, technical skills, to develop muscle memory, resilience and stage discipline
What you will need
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, energy and passion
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