Drama - Drama Llama

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Do you love reading and learning lines of dialogue? Do you want to develop your acting skills for camera, film and the stage? Come along to drama club and experience working on film scripts from Harry Potter to Matilda. 

Staff Member  Miss Hall & Drama Leaders
Time and Day
  •  KS3 & KS4- Thursday Lunchtime. Inspire Drama Studio
Aims of the course
  • To develop acting skills

    ·      To understand characterisation

    To develop experience working with scripts and following stage directions

    To understand blocking and scene development

    To work as a drama company and make new friends 

    ·       To develop confidence and stage presence

    To contribute your own interpretation of scenes 

Skills you will learn
  •  Acting skills, expressive skills, interpretive skills, to develop memory recall, resilience, rehearsal discipline and stage discipline
What you will need
  •  Confidence, Commitment, Enthusiasm and Energy
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