The Derby Film Club

The Derby Film Club gives students the opportunity to not just watch films but engage with them as well.

The Film Club gives students the opportunity to watch, review, discuss and write about the films they love. It will also give student the chance to discover films they may never have seen, revisit classic favourites and widen your knowledge and enjoyment of movies.


There will also be chances to enter competitions, attend movie screenings and premiers and have your reviews read. 

Staff Member Mr White
Time and Day
  • All years
  • Wednesday After School 3-4pm
Aims of the course
  • To engage students with film
  • To encourage students to widen their film knowledge
  • To teach students how to write film reviews and discuss films in a constructive and critical way
  • To offer students the chance to engage with film outside of the school enviroment
Skills you will learn
  • How to watch films critically
  • How to write reviews of movies
What you will need
  • A love of films and an open mind
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