Geography Club

Enrichment Units

A six-week Geography club that offers students the experience of mastering Geographical knowledge and concepts in a more exciting and enjoyable way. I want to give students the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement that Geography brings and allow them to do this out of a normal classroom and curriculum setting.

Staff Member S Allen
Time and Day
  • Monday
  • 3pm – 4pm
Aims of the course
  • To create an exciting and different approach to learning geographical knowledge and concepts in a more creative way.
  • An opportunity to explore Geography ‘outside the classroom’.
  • Explore what life is like in different countries worldwide – which could be through the geography of the country but also by celebrating different people and cultures.
Skills you will learn
  • Being able to work effectively as a member of a team and in groups
  • Being creative by working with arts and crafts
  • Building new friendships whilst at the same time encouraging a healthy level of competitiveness.
  • Develop cognitive ability and memory which are fundamental building blocks for personal growth.
  • To learn new geographical knowledge that will help you to become a well-rounded global citizen
  • Confidently debate and be able to put your opinions across in a respectful and mature manner
  • Most importantly to have FUN and develop a love for Geography!
What you will need
  • An interest in Geography and a willingness to learn more
  • Commitment
  • Good manners and politeness
  • Resilience
On request, information on the website can be provided as a paper copy. Please send your request using the details on the ‘Contact’ page.
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