Key dates 2020-2021

Form Student Council ElectionsWeek Beginning Monday 28th September
‘Friends of The Derby’ MeetingMonday 28th September
Y7 Student Council MeetingMonday 5th October
Y8 Student Council MeetingTuesday 6th October
Y9 Student Council MeetingWednesday 7th October
Y7 Form Tutor Parents’ Evening ‘Succeeding in Secondary School’Wednesday 14th October
‘Be Safe Be Cool’ DayThursday 22nd October
Y7-11 ‘Supporting Your Child to Fulfil Their Potential’ Parental ZoomMonday 2nd November
Y7-Y9 Intervention Parents’ EveningThursday 19th November
‘Challenge December’ beginsTuesday 1st December
Y8 Progress Parents’ EveningThursday 3rd December
‘Friends of The Derby’ MeetingMonday 7th December
Human Rights DayThursday 10th December
Interform Sports WeekMonday 14th – Friday 18th December
Winter Wonderland ConcertWednesday 16th December
‘Challenge December’ RewardFriday 18th December
Y7 Student Council MeetingMonday 11th January
Y8 Student Council MeetingTuesday 12th January
Y9 Student Council MeetingWednesday 13th January
School Show RehearsalSunday 31st January
Y9 Options Evening ‘Making the Right Choices’Thursday 4th February
School Show RehearsalSunday 7th February
School ShowWednesday 10th – Friday 12th February
Y9 Progress Parents’ EveningThursday 4th March
Y7 Student Council MeetingMonday 22nd March
Y8 Student Council MeetingTuesday 23rd March
Y9 Student Council MeetingWednesday 24th March
‘Friends of The Derby’ MeetingMonday 19th April
Y7 Progress Parents’ EveningThursday 29th April
‘Friends of The Derby’ MeetingMonday 7th June
End of Year ExamsMonday 7th June – Friday 18th June
‘Challenge July’ beginsThursday 1st July
Form Sports WeekMonday 5th – Thu 8th July
Sports DayFriday 9th July
Summer ConcertThursday 15th July
Reserve Sports DayFriday 16th July
School PrizegivingThursday 22nd July
The Big Derby QuizFriday 23rd July