Makers Workshop Technology Club

Enrichment Units

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Staff Member Miss Crossley & L Karov
Time and Day
  • Wednesday
  • 3pm – 4pm
Aims of the course
  • Raise awareness of sustainability issues and the 6R’s
  • Encourage students to bring in products that they need repairing or wanting to reclaim and re-use for a different purpose
  • Pupils to learn to problem solve, develop hand dexterity and creativity
  • Importance of recycling with a purpose
Skills you will learn
  • How to solder electronic components and understand their functions
  • Use a range of tools and machinery in the school workshop and develop independence and competency
  • Learn how to use a range of manufacturing process to repair, fix and develop products such as vacuum forming, line bending, drilling, polishing
  • How to reverse engineer products to understand how they operate in order to repair parts and components.
  • Learn first how linkages, mechanisms, gears and pulleys operate
  • Learn how to recycle safely and with purpose
What you will need
  • An open mind, learning by making mistakes along the way is celebrated
  • Interest in wanting to understand how products operate
On request, information on the website can be provided as a paper copy. Please send your request using the details on the ‘Contact’ page.
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