Prefect System Information

Prefect System 2020

Applications are either by email form or students can be nominated by form tutors. Selected students will be called SENIOR PREFECTS and will be awarded a SPECIAL TIE. You will be in a position of authority in school amongst peers. Senior Prefects will have designated responsibilities. Students will also have to opportunity to represent departments and be affiliated to a certain department.

Consistently Demonstrate a Positive Approach to School Life

You will also have demonstrated a consistently positive approach to the school and your learning, this means:

  • Attendance is excellent (extenuating circumstances will be considered)
  • Reliability – good attendance and punctuality
  • Presentation – Wearing full school uniform (shirt, tie, footwear, blazer etc.)  Also, adherence to school expectations of jewellery and make up!
  • Good conduct – positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons
  • Respect – Positively acknowledging the authority of the schools at all levels
  • Organisation – Coursework and homework being completed within the set timescales
  • Ambition/Aspiration – Positive progress ATL reports, nothing less than an average of a 3 in your average ATL


In addition to the above, you will be committed to attend Prefect duties as required: support the school during and beyond the normal school hours and participate in assemblies when required.


As a prefect you will always:

  • Uphold the school’s 7Rs and broader expectations
  • Carry out the duties required of you (preferential treatments to friends and family members will not be allowed)
  • Be a good ambassador for the school and for your year
  • Correctly wear full school uniform
  • Maintain good attendance (95%) and be punctual for school and lessons
  • Maintain ATL grades throughout key stage 4

Why do it?

  • Aspire to lead others
  • Want to make a difference
  • Showcase what skills you have to offer
  • Earn the respect of your peers within school

Application process

Mr Langford, our Student’s Aspirations Lead will issue the Year 10 with an application form via email. The deadline will be 1st May 2020.

Please ensure that you have the support of your parents/carers in your application.

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