The Derby Diploma

Enrichment activities are an integral part of our school day. We believe that enrichment can extend the range of educational experiences for our students, broadening their horizons and helping them discover hidden talents by trying new things.


The Derby Diploma allows us to credit students for activities, clubs, and experiences they participate in.


We have divided The Diploma into three categories: Sports and Wellbeing, Talent and Interests and Skills Development.


All students must participate in The Derby Diploma. For students to achieve a bronze award, we expect them to participate in at least one weekly enrichment activity. Over a year, students must have attended enrichment activities from the three diploma categories.


In addition to an extensive programme of opt-in enrichment activities at lunchtimes, before and after school, there are compulsory strands within our RESILIENCE Curriculum.


Themed Curriculum Events


The first strand of our compulsory enrichment programme is delivered through themed curriculum events that occur throughout the year. Engaging, educational school trips and activities on and off-site are linked to each faculty’s RESILIENCE Curriculum.


For example, the whole of Year 7 goes to watch a pantomime at Bury College before studying Pantomime in their Drama lessons.


Year 8 students participate in the Interform Winter Sports Event.


Year 10 Music students visit the Halle to listen to their set works.


Year 11 Geography students visit the Jurassic Coastline for an intensive revision residential.

Personal Development Plan and R-Time curriculum.


The second strand of compulsory enrichment links to the students’ Personal Development Plan and R-Time curriculum.


For example, Year 7 students participate in a workshop led by a specialist road safety officer.


Year 8 students participate in ‘Be safe Day’, where they watch a piece of theatre in education performed by Bury college students before participating in a carousel of activities run by local community services such as the police and wellbeing teams.