The Derby Diploma

The Derby Diploma gives students the opportunity to build a portfolio to evidence their Personal Development. 

Students will complete core RESILIENCE units throughout the year during our R Time curriculum.  

In addition to the six RESILIENCE units, students will complete at least one weekly enrichment activity and a minimum of three enrichment events each year 

Students receive credits for every Resilience unit successfully completed. Form tutors will award additional credits for any enrichment activities completed. 

Each year, upon successful completion of the RESILIENCE units, students will  receive a Derby Diploma Award at either bronze, silver, or gold level.

There is also a Platinum Award for students who go above and beyond with their community work.

The Derby Diploma also allows students to be credited for activities, clubs and experiences that they may participate in outside of school.

The student’s final Derby Diploma will be based on an accumulation of points awarded throughout a student’s time at The Derby. 

Diploma Level Descriptors 

On completion of the R Time Programme the form tutor will award credits. Click the heading to expand:

60 credits

A highly motivated student who is a role model in R Time and will aim to achieve well above expectations. He/she is industrious and engages in self-reflection to progress. He/she is a well-organised and effective independent learner. They contribute effectively as a group/team member and take the initiative.

50 credits

A motivated student who takes full responsibility for his/her learning, and who completes the activities and their own learning to a high standard in relation to expectations.  He/she demonstrates initiative and has a positive approach to learning both individually and as a team/group member.

40 Credits

A generally positive student. He/she has some initiative, will seek help when he/she requires it and usually aim to complete the activity/work and their own learning to the best of his/her ability. They contribute well to group/teamwork and seek to take the initiative.

30 Credits

A student who completes work to the standard that reflects his/her ability and shows application to his/her studies. He/she generally completes activities/work and contributes to group/teamwork showing occasional initiative.

20 Credits

A student who demonstrates some motivation to learn and progress. He/she shows some application to activities and their own learning. His/her progress is satisfactory, and they work co-operatively in a group/team with or without the direction of others.

10 Credits

A student with the potential to achieve more but is making some progress with his/her studies. He/she is capable of distinguishing what he/she needs to do to enhance his/her learning but does not always take the initiative to do so. They work as a team/group member with direction from others.

The Derby Diploma will allow students the opportunity to build a portfolio to evidence their Personal Development.

Students will complete six units annually:

Where do I fit in my world?  Who influences me? Does social media have an impact on me?  What are my human rights and what are my responsibilities? Are there laws which protect me?

What are the differences in society? Do I have a duty to challenge negative behaviour and stereotypes? Are there laws in society to protect people? What can I do to protect the rights of others?

Can I identify my goals?  Do I know how to get there?  Do I know what good and bad decisions look like?  Can I appreciate that there is a link between good physical and mental health and achieving my goals?

Do I know how to keep myself healthy? Do I know the risk and consequences of both legal and illegal drugs? Do I have any strategies in keeping healthy especially when feeling anxious eg exam stress.  Do I know where to go for additional support and help?

Do I know what a healthy relationship looks like?  Do I know how to be assertive?  Am I aware of stereotypes in relationships and the role of social media?  Do I know where to go for further information, support and guidance?

Am I aware of how I change both physically and emotionally?  Do I know how to keep myself healthy? Do I know of strategies to improve self-esteem?  Am I aware of healthy and unhealthy relationships?

Each year, upon successful completion of the RESILIENCE R Time Curriculum, students will receive an annual award which will become their final Derby Diploma at either Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Students will be able to exchange Enrichment Credits to increase the value of their Diploma Award.

The final Derby Diploma will be based on an accumulation of points awarded throughout a student’s time at The Derby.

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