Travel Details for September 2022

The Derby High School’s central location makes it ideally situated for travel from any part of Bury, Radcliffe, Little Lever and even further afield.

Numerous bus routes pass right in front of the school gates or 200 yards away on Manchester/Bury Road.

There are lots of buses which travel to the Bury Interchange. Many of our pupils walk to and from the Interchange daily (approx. 12 minutes).

If you need any more information regarding transport or claiming free travel please contact the School Office on 0161 764 1819.

Ticket costs and benefits

From September 2022, fares on TfGM-funded dedicated school buses (including Yellow School Buses) are:

For children aged 11-16 with igo cards, and primary schoolchildren:

  • Single ticket £1.40.
  • Return ticket £2.40*.
  • TfGM schools weekly ticket £7.60* – this is only valid on schooldays and on dedicated school buses. It’s available to purchase on the bus or at a TfGM Travelshop. It can only be loaded onto an igo card.
  • Carnet ticket (10 single trips) £10* – this is only valid on schooldays and on dedicated school buses. It’s available to buy on the bus or at a TfGM Travelshop. It can only be loaded onto an igo card and will be valid for 28 days from the date of purchase.

Children aged 11-16 who don’t have an igo card will be charged a single fare of £1.80 and will be unable to buy return or weekly tickets.

Students with a Scholar’s permit can also buy the £1.40 single ticket (not returns or school weekly tickets).

  • TfGM return, weekly and carnet tickets are valid on the majority of dedicated school buses, with some exceptions

An IGO card costs £10 and lasts until 31st August after your 16th birthday. The card allows 11-16 year olds to travel using child tickets on buses and trams in Greater Manchester

Transport To And From Radcliffe

899 Morning Bus (This Bus was previously known as 799)

The 899 bus now starts at the bus stop opposite Mile Lane Medical Centre on Seddon’s Farm in the morning and ends at the stop outside Mile Lane on Seddon’s farm at the end of the day. 

From Starling, Black Bull 0740 via Ainsworth Road, Starling Road, Ainsworth Arms/Higher Ainsworth Road , Turks Road 0750, Countess Lane, Kilburn Road, Westminster Avenue, Coronation Road, Turks Road, Ainsworth Road, Water Street, Spring Lane, Bury Road, Radcliffe Road to The Derby High School arrives at 0814

899 Afternoon Bus (This Bus was previously known as 799)

This Afternoon Bus will now pick up from the stop outside school this will be at 1530 each day with the exception of Thursdays A week when it will leave at 1545 and Thursday B week when it will leave at 1455 

Radcliffe Road, The Derby High School, Manchester Road, Dumers Lane, Bury Street, Cross Lane, Spring Lane, Water Street, Ainsworth Road, Turks Road, Coronation Road, Westminster Avenue, Kilburn Road, Countess Lane, Turks Road, Higher Ainsworth Road/Ainsworth Arms, Starling Road to Starling Black Bull

Transport To And From Walmersley And Bury

Students would need to change at Bury interchange for high frequency services to get to and from school. There is no dedicated school bus