Photography Club

Enrichment Units

Every Friday students are welcome to attend Year 10 Photography club.

Immersing themselves in photography enhances students’ creativity and imagination, and adds new perspectives to the way they look at the world. Students are introduced to the basics of photography – composition, viewpoint, lighting, shutter speed, depth of field etc – and then work in the areas of landscape photography, portraiture, still life, close-up and studio photography, as well as computer manipulated photography and experimental imagery.

Staff MemberMiss D Hennan
Time and Day
  • Friday
  • 3pm – 4pm
Aims of the course
  • To develop editing skills both digitally and by hand manipulation.
  • To develop DSLR camera skills with a focus on composition, lighting and mise-en-scene.
Skills you will learn
  • Photoshop skills
  • Camera skills
  • Lighting skills
  • Editing skills
What you will need
  • A change of clothes if taking shoots.
  • Any props needed for the shoot
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